Here's what some of my patients had to say:

      “Our son had been having foot pain for over a year (coinciding with a major growth spurt), especially after running or walking. It was interfering with gym class, tae kwon do, vacations, and other family activities. Seeing a podiatrist/orthopedist, he had multiple diagnoses and multiple rounds of physical therapy over the course of a year, but the pain was not resolved. We even bought multiple special sneakers, inserts, and even custom orthotics. Another podiatrist told us to give it 6 months and then consider surgery - cutting up bones, etc. if the pain did not clear. Yikes! Instead, we went to Advance Physical Therapy. (We had delayed going to APT earlier because they were not in our insurance network.) Lisa was wonderful in her bedside manner, friendliness, and her patience in explaining everything to us and to Andy. Whereas he had tired of the PT from the other therapists that did not work, Lisa earned his trust so that he was willing to do new exercises without too much complaining.
Lisa, the awesome physical therapist, figured out that our son's foot pain was related to his posture and gave him various rounds of unique physical therapy exercises to do. Since this took time to work, she also showed how us how to apply Kinesio tape to his feet and calf to mitigate or eliminate pain associated with his physical activities. The tape was an inconvenience for a month or two but we were glad to have him back to participating in tae kwon do and gym class. The PT exercises were very strange and seemed very unrelated to his feet, and some even to his posture, but IT WORKED. It all worked! Our son can now do his tae kwon do AND run a mile on pavement with no pain."
  --TF, whose son had been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis
      “Our active 10 year old was sitting out of soccer and basketball for a month with heel pain that failed to resolve with ice and standard stretching. Lisa’s methods were new to us, but we were ready to try something different, and her kind “bedside manner” put us all at ease. Almost unbelievably, he felt significant improvement after just one week following Lisa’s prescribed exercises, and was pain free after 5 weeks. Now, months later, he still enjoys his favorite sports without difficulty!” 
  -- SK, whose son had Calcaneal Apophysitis/ heel pain
      “My daughter had an amazing physical therapist when she was younger. Lisa Mangino really took the time to find out what worked and what didn’t for a head strong little girl who wouldn’t let anything slow her down. My daughter credits Lisa with her desire to become a pediatric PT and give back to other children.” 
  -- MC, whose daughter has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
      “My husband and I don’t know how to thank Lisa enough.  She identified our son’s visual processing difficulties and knew how they related to his coordination disorder.  He no longer falls and is enjoying soccer and basketball, and his self-concept is now super positive.  She is our hero.”
  --JH, whose son has developmental coordination disorder and hypermobility syndrome. 
      “Lisa’s dedication and creativity are unmatched.  Thank you!” 
  -- SR, whose daughter has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy.
      “Lisa was extremely helpful. She worked very hard with our son and went a long way to help him. She was so resourceful and found us a beach wheelchair for our upcoming vacation. She did not have to do that!” 
  --MH, whose son has orthopedic anomalies.