Mechanical Joint and Back Pain

     Think of the human body as a machine. There are pulleys that have to be in the proper position so the ropes can be in the track to pull in the right direction to move things.

                     Pulleys = Joints/Bones 
Ropes = Muscles
If the joints and bones aren't in the optimal position, some muscles can't be efficient, while other  muscles have to work too much to take up the slack.

     Now add repetition of the same active motion (sports, playing, walking or running) without balanced, strong muscle support and you have a recipe for pain, regardless of age.  


     If low back muscles are overused without the equal and balanced strength of the abdominals (especially the abdominals on the side of the trunk), to hold the spine, rib cage, and respiratory diaphragm in the proper neutral position, posture is compromised. The back muscles and the adbominals need to be balnced to hold the pelvis and rib cage in a neutral position. The position of the pelvis and rib cage dictates the position of the leg and arm bones. Poor posture means the machine's ropes and pulleys are not lined up and pain will result. 

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